Franchise Enquiry Form

    Allstar Custom Home Plans is now offering franchise opportunities nationwide.  If you have experience with home plan designing and want to open your own office,  Allstar may be for you.  When purchasing an Allstar franchise you will be able to access the entire stock plan library of Allstar Custom Home Plans and plan brochures.  All borders, details, CAD settings and all future designs by Allstar and their other affiliated franchises will be available plus much more. Only experienced home plan designers will be offered this opportunity.  You must be able to create a home plan from start to finish to qualify.

There are four steps to owning an Allstar Custom Home Plan franchise.

1.    Complete our Franchise Enquiry Form below.  Be sure to include you email address.

2.    After receiving your completed Franchise Enquiry Form we will email the application.  After you receive the application please call the office for a brief description and cost of franchise.  If you would like to continue with the opportunity, fill out the application and fax it back to us.

3.    We will evaluate your application to determine if you meet the criteria needed to own a franchise.  If so, we will get the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) to you.  This will answer any questions that you might have in owning a franchise and explain the exact franchise concept of Allstar Custom Home Plans.  You must receive the UFOC 10 business days before signing a franchise agreement.

4.    Signing of franchise agreement.

After submitting the form below, look for an email with "Allstar Franchise Application" in the subject line within a couple of days.
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