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Allstar Custom Home Plans offers a wide variety of house floor plans.  Whether you live in the country or in a traditional neighborhood, we can create a new home design just for you.
Search our stock house plan library to find the perfect floor plan design to fit your needs. From a contemporary open floor plan to a southern home plan design,  we offer a wide selection to choose from. If you can’t find what your looking for, call our design staff.  They will be able to help you  custom design the house plan that will best fit your lifestyle and expectations.  Anyone of our design staff will be able to help you with creating a unique house plan that will showcase who you are.

Blueprints – Drawings of the Past
In today’s modern world of Computer Aided Drafting, blueprints are becoming harder to find.  Before computers, home plans were drawn by hand on a sheet of paper called vellum.
A house blueprint is created when a sheet of vellum is placed over a sheet of blueline paper.  These sheets are entered into a blueline machine where light passes through the vellum shadowing the drawing onto the blueline paper.  The blueline paper is then developed with the machine using an ammonia mixture.  The drawbacks of blueprints are they fade easily in sunlight and the blueline machine gives off an ammonia gas after developing.
Today home plans are printed on bond paper using a large format printer and are typically called blacklines.  These new prints do not fade and give a much clearer copy of the home plan design.


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Ask anyone what is the most important step in the design of your new home, and most will tell you the front elevation.  After all, the front of the home is what is seen by most of the people of your community.

The truth is the floor plan is the single most important step in the home plan process.  You may have the most beautiful home in your neighborhood, but if the house floor plan is not designed to fit the needs of your family and lifestyle; you will never be completely happy with the design of you new dream home.  In fact, many different front elevations and styles can be placed on the same floor plan. 

With some minor changes to the front of the floor plan, you can create an entirely different front elevation.  It’s always good to have the elevation style in mind before you consider the house design.  Many styles such as Tudor, French Country, Traditional or Mediterranean style house plan may be integrated into your dream home design with just a few modifications. 

Don’t be discouraged if you find a home plan you love with an elevation you hate.  With just a little time and a few ideas, your dream home can come to life.